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SYGG Insulators - Sichuan Yibin Global Group

SYGG Insulators , as fully owned  subsidary of  Sichuan Yibin Global Group, established in July 2004, located in the panda home town Chengdu city, Sichuan province, China. The SYGG Insulators has established a complete management systems, including quality management system of ISO9001, environmental management system of ISO14001 and occupational health and safety management of OHSAS 18001.All the systems are audited and running efficiently, which guarantee the products quality and the level of management for maximum meeting the demands of customers.

SYGG glass insulatores have been in operation on AC transmission lines from 10kV to 1000kV and DC lines of +-500kV, +-800kV, +-1100kV. Particularly  there are several millions pieces of SYGG's glass insualtors in operation around the word with the best shattering rate.

SYGGSYGG Insulator Compus

SYGG CampusSYGG Insulator Office Building with 400+ employess

SYGG Campus ShopSYGG Insulator Glass Production Shop

SYGG 800kV DCSYGG Glass Insulator up to 840kN

SYGG's Glass Insulator Users

SYGG Users

Download   SYGG Insulator Brochure here PDF