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Manufacturing the glass shell

SYGG Insulator has a digitially controlled automatic line to produce 9 millions of the toughened glass shells. The digitally & carefully controlled toughing process achieves uniform cooling/toughening.  And the computer controlled thermal cycling  from the heated 300C , dropped into cold water will get rid of the defective shells.

SYGG SandsThe sands

SYGGThe melted glass

SYGG Shell forming

SYGG  Thermal Cycle Thermal Cycling

SYGG ShopThe glass shell production shop

SYGG ShopThe glass shell production shop

Assemly of metal fittings

SYGG  Glass Insulaor  uses  mainly alumina cement  and the metal fiittings assembly are automated to asure the consitency.  The fittings can be also made of the Charpy type 1, 1.5, and 2  steel. The RTV will apply accordingly.

SYGG AssemblyThe Cap

SYGG AssemblyThe pin

In-house testing

SYGG Insulator in-house testing lab  can performs independtly  the type /design test, routine and sample test per IEC, ANSI/CSA.

The ImpusleThe impulse  1800kV

SYGG Power FrequencyThe power frequency testing

SYGG TestThe mechnical Testing

SYGG Mechnical Testing The testing

Packing & shipping

The typical packing for intl shipping

SYGG packingThe Packing

SYGG Shell StorageThe glass shell storage